The objective of this MOOC is to widely disseminate an understanding of the practice of geo-sensory tasting, and to inform enlightened amateurs and professionals about the creation of the Master certification for local wines.

moocBeyond the economic, social and health issues and challenges, this MOOC will introduce you to the world of gourmets by offering you videos from a Master Class led by the eminent specialist Jacky Rigaux and the president of the terroir association, Cyrille Tota.

Learn to highlight the relationship between the character of the terroir and the texture of wine…

Evaluate your knowledge of the techniques associated with the practice of geo-sensory tasting as well as your knowledge of the terroirs.

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ordi Type: MOOC, online course, Q.C.M, videos

duree Duration: 5 weeks

travail Expected working time: 2h/ week

cibleTarget audience: the general public, wine lovers or simply those curious about a new way oftasting


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Géo-sensory tasting... a complex practice. We have chosen to present to you the expositions of our two experts not so much in some thematic, linear progression, but rather from several angles or perspectives that are specific to the quality and experience of the authors. This bias should lead you, as a new geo-sensory taster, to focus on and enrich your own approach. Sequences 1, 2, and 5 are from a master class held in Shenzhen, China.




  • Week 1. Geo-sensory wine appreciation is not such a new concept and practice.
  • Week 2. Descriptors of geo-sensory tasting
  • Week 3. The touch of the wine: the texture.
  • Week 4. The combination of consistency and flexibility
             The consistency of the wine: its sap
             The suppleness of the wine: its elegance of presentation to the taste
  • Week 5. Taste the terroir.

Biographie of the MOOC training managers

jackyJacky Rigaux: Initiator of the University Diplomas "Tasting practice through knowledge of the terroirs" and "Wine and culture", Jacky Rigaux is the author of many books and also wine columnist for many magazines

photoCyrille Tota: After studying oenology, Cyrille Tota is clearly moving towards the world of tasting. Holder of the university diplomas "Tasting practice through knowledge of the terroirs" and "Wine, culture, wine tourism", he was initiated to geo-sensory tasting by Jacky Rigaux.